Martha Frintzila @ Princeton

The Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies and Lewis Center for the Arts present:

Greek Theater Director, Actress, Composer and Singer

Martha Frintzila

for an informal demonstration based on her musical work as composer and performer along with Princeton student musicians, featuring

A Selection of Greek Songs Α-Ω

Martha Frintzila is based in Athens, Greece. She has worked on a diverse range of projects including theatre and music performance direction, chorus coordination and music advising. With a commitment to research and theatrical experimentation, she has made various innovative productions of Ancient Greek Drama as well as of classical and modern international theatre. Frintzila is a founding member of Kratiras Arts Space and the founder of Baumstrasse Studio, a multi-purpose space of theatrical and musical research with a specialization in Ancient Greek Drama. Dedicated to teaching, she regularly gives lectures and seminars on various topics about theatre and singing, in Greece and abroad. Martha is the director of “Dromos me Dentra” theatre group and an Acting teacher at the National Theatre of Greece. She is the leading singer in the “Kubara Project” and “Stacy” Bands. As a singer and actress she has performed in festivals and concerts in Europe, USA, China, the Middle East and Cuba.

Monday, February 23, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Taplin Auditorium, Fine Hall

Open to the Public.  Free Admission

Artist’s web site:
Facebook page: Martha Frintzila/Μάρθα Φριντζήλα